Custom Blended Fertilizers

Graco Fertilizer Company is pleased to offer custom blended specialty fertilizers made to your specifications. Whether you are a homeowner, agricultural entrepreneur, or retail sales professional, Graco can custom blend a specialty fertilizer to meet your needs. We will gladly design your custom fertilizer and provide it in your choice of 50 pound bags, 20 pound bags (in select locations), 1000 pound bulk bags, or bulk for pick-up, or for spreading on your property by our skilled personnel, each with a one ton minimum order.

Fertilizer Recommendations Based on Soil Sample Results

Not sure what type of fertilizer you need? Graco will willingly send a sample of your soil to Waters Agricultural Laboratories for analysis. Once returned, our knowledgeable staff can interpret your soil sample results, and make a personalized recommendation for you based on element deficiencies. Additionally, we are glad to suggest a fertilizer application schedule designed specifically to maximize your crop’s potential.

Custom Designed Fertilizer Bag Labels

If you are a garden center, retail supplier, or just a customer in need of a specialty fertilizer, Graco Fertilizer Company can place your company name, logo, and/or graphics on our fertilizer labels to create a custom labeled fertilizer, bagged and ready to sell at your retail store. With a one ton minimum purchase, Graco’s friendly staff will work with you to create a label for your custom fertilizer bound to grab your customer’s attention.