Looking for a specific minor element or combined micronutrient package? Graco offers a variety of individual minor element sources as well as full or partial minor element packages.

The listed fertilizers constitute a sampling of blended products that are stocked, or are available for blending by Graco Fertilizer Company. Most fertilizers are available in your choice of 50 pound bags or bulk, with select fertilizers available in 20 pound bags. Please call us at (800) 343-5620 for current availability and pricing of all fertilizers. 

Boron Sources

Borate 15% Granular

Copper Sources

Copper Sulfate 25.2% Granular

Copper Sulfate 25.290% Powder

Iron Sources
Iron 50% Granusol

Iron Oxide 50% Granular

Iron 5% EDTA Chelate Granular

Iron Sulfate 30% Granular

Magnesium Sources

Magnesium Granusol 45% 

Magnesium Oxi-Sulfate 36% 

Manganese Sources

Manganese 35% Granusol

Manganese Oxide 36% Granular 

Manganese Sulfate 32% Granular

Molybdate Sources

Sodium Molybdate 

Nickel Sources

Nickel Plus

Sulfur Sources

Sulfur 90% Split Pea Granular

Zinc Sources

Zinc Sulfate 35% Granular

Minor Element Packages

Crop & Turf Mix

GMX 6.0 SGN 280 

GMX 6.0 SGN 280 + Magnesium 


Step Hi-Mag