Graco Fertilizer Company is happy to offer a variety of soilless potting mixes, both vendor supplied and house blended, to accommodate everyone from large scale nurserymen and growers to smaller scale landscapers and homeowners. 

For our customers desiring bagged potting media, Graco supplies a variety of vendor-supplied Berger™ and Sun Gro® Horticulture growing mixes to meet the needs of a broad range of growers. 

For growers desiring custom blended soilless potting media, Graco Fertilizer Company is pleased to offer our expertise in creating a custom blended mix based on growing needs or customer supplied specifications. We offer a large variety of blending materials to choose from, and custom blended mixes are available for scheduled pickup or delivery*, and are sold, loose, or bulk, by the cubic yard.  

Graco also offers several house stocked potting media blends available for immediate pickup or delivery. These in stock blends are sold loose, or bulk, and are available for purchase by the cubic yard. 

*All custom potting media blends do require a minimum order, and are priced dependent upon mix components, load size, and delivery location. Please visit our Custom Blended Potting Media page for more information, or call us at (800) 343-5620 to obtain a quote.

Mulch & Compost

Available Products

Cypress Mulch

Red Mulch

Pine Bark Mulch (Various Sizes)

Cow Compost

Vendor Supplied Potting Media

Custom Blended Potting Media

Raw Materials Used for Blending

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

New or Aged Pine Bark

Cow Compost




Coconut Coir

Products Used for Incorporation

Fertilizers (house made or vendor supplied)

Micronutrients (individual or micronutrient packages)



Wetting Agents

Granular Plant Protection Products