Custom Blended Potting Media

Graco Fertilizer Company is pleased to offer custom blended potting media made to your distinct specifications. No matter the project or purpose, our skilled staff can help you design a potting media mixture to meet your needs. Using a computerized blending process and inline mixing system, Graco is able to provide a consistent and evenly distributed product, manufactured with the high quality raw materials and amendments of your choice. All of our custom blended mixes are sold loose, in bulk, by the cubic yard, and can be available for pickup at our location with a 10 cubic yard minimum order, or for delivery to a customer site with a 30 cubic yard minimum order. Each custom potting mix is priced on an individual basis dependent upon mixture ingredients, size of load, and delivery location. Please call us at (800) 343-5620 for more information, or to obtain a custom blended potting media quote.

Raw Materials Used for Blending

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

New or Aged Pine Bark

Cow Compost




Coconut Coir

Products Used for Incorporation

Fertilizers (house made or vendor supplied)

Micronutrients (individual or micronutrient packages)



Wetting Agents

Granular Plant Protection Products