Graco Fertilizer Company is proud to stock a variety of miscellaneous products available for immediate purchase. We will also special order miscellaneous products at our customer’s request with a one (1) case minimum order. The products listed below represent various types of chemicals including, but not limited to, algaecides, decontaminants, defoamers, masking agents, plant growth regulators, pond dyes, surfactants, and wetting agents. 

The following list of miscellaneous products constitutes a sampling of the variety of products that are stocked, or are available for special order, by Graco Fertilizer Company. Please call us at (800) 343-5620 for current availability and pricing of all miscellaneous products.

Miscellaneous Products

80-20 Surfactant (1 GL)

Agri Oil (2.5 GL)

Aquagro 2000 Granular (44 LB)

Aquashade Lake Dye (1 GL)

Atrimmec® (1 QT/1 GL)

Black Lochness Pond Dye (1 QT)

Blue Lagoon Pond Dye (1 QT)

Cutrine Plus (1 GL/2.5 GL)

Cutrine Plus Granular (12 LB/30 LB)

Defoamer (1 QT)

Dip N Grow (1 PT/1 GL)

Drift Retardant (1 QT)

Hormodin #2 0.3% (1 LB)



Hormodin #3 0.8% (0.5 LB)

Horta-Sorb MD (10 LB/55 LB)

Incide-Out (1 QT)

Masking Agent (1 QT)

Methylated Seed Oil (2.5 GL)

Nu Film 17® (1 GL)

SA 20 Disinfectant (1 GL/30 GL)

Signal (1 GL)

Soaker Plus (2.5 GL)

Spray Aide (1 GL/55 GL)

Swath Marker (1 GL)

T-Nex PGR (1 GL)

Uptake Wetting Agent (30 GL)

Vapor Gard® (1 GL)

ZeroTol® 2.0 (2.5 GL)